The CreditHistory story

We’re a bunch of small business owners who have experienced first-hand how hard it is to understand the credit and financing systems.

We are leaders in a variety of fields — marketing, advertising, operations, and technology. We’ve built businesses worth hundreds of millions of dollars. We’re self-admittedly kind of smart about all this stuff and still — STILL — we struggled to learn what we needed to know about small business financing.

We came together, as friends and as a supportive community, to create CreditHistory for SMBs of all types.

What is CreditHistory?

CreditHistory is a resource for small businesses to learn and take action to grow their businesses. Our content is written in a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand way that really tries to simplify complicated concepts.

But learning without taking action isn’t fully learning. CreditHistory will guide you through understanding your credit and how the whole system works right through taking the needed steps to improve your firm’s finances and boost its credit.

Improving your firm’s credit is actually just improving your business’ health. Think of CreditHistory as your business’ financial doctor.