Review of the Capital One Spark Cash for Business Credit Card

A solid business credit card that’s affordable, good cash back

Review of Spark Cash for Business credit card

The Spark Cash for Business Card proves to be a solid business credit card that’s affordable to use, has a generous cash back program, and provides enough perks to deserve a slot in a business owner’s wallet. You can find higher levels of cash back in one or two spending categories, but the Spark Cash for Business Card offers 2% unlimited cash back across all categories.

CreditHistory Review
8.9 / 10 Reviewer
Generous 2% unlimited cash back spending in all categories $500 signup bonus No foreign transaction fees Free employee cards
Yearly fee of $95 (waived the first year)
The Capital One Spark Cash for Business credit card is a solid, dependable, day-to-day business credit card
Rewards Program9.5
Signup Bonus8.5
Annual Fee7.5
Foreign Transaction Fee10

3 different versions of the Spark for Business cash back card

Capital One offers three different flavors of its Spark Cash for Business Card:

  • Spark Cash for Business: 2% cash back, yearly fee of $95 (waived the first year), $500 sign-up bonus (if you spend $4500 in 3 months). This card will be cheaper to use vs. the Cash Select for Business card if you plan to put more than $19,000 a year on the card.
  • Spark Cash Select for Business: 1.5% cash back, 0% intro APR for 9 months, no yearly fee.
  • Spark Classic for Business: 1% cash back, designed for businesses with lower credit scores

The three different versions provide a smattering of options for businesses looking to get cash back on their purchases.

Spark Cash for Business: The details

Rewards2% cash back on all purchases
Sign up bonus$500 if you spend $4500 within 3 months of opening
Annual fee$95 (waived first year)
Foreign transaction feeNone

Spark Cash for Business rewards program

2% unlimited cash back: Holders of the Spark Cash for Business card will receive 2% cash back on all their purchases. There’s no limit to how much cash back the card pays out. So if you’re business puts an average of $10,000 a month on a card, for example, you’d end up with $200 cash back for each month, or $2400 for the year.

2% unlimited cash back in all spending is relatively generous in a world of rewards cards that typically offer 1% cash back with limits on rewards. Some cards offer 2% on spending in only one category (say, like gas). So, this 2% cash back on unlimited purchases is one of the leading features of the Spark Cash for Business card.

$500 sign up bonus: New holders of the card can receive $500 cash back if they spend $4500 within 3 months after opening the card. So, going back to the example of a business that puts $10,000 a month on a card, it would end up with $2900 its first year off of spending of $120,000, or 2.42%.

Other benefits of the Spark Cash for Business credit card

No foreign transaction fees: Commerce is global nowadays and whether you’re selling to or buying from overseas, there’s no reason to pay a 3% penalty for transacting in a foreign currency. The Spark Cash for Business card waives the usual foreign transaction fee.

Free employee cards: It’s free to add additional cards to your account, so you can add employees or partners to your account at no cost. You can track their purchases and you’ll earn cash back from their spending, as well.

Visa savings: The Spark Cash for Business is a Visa card and comes with the usual benefits that accompany Visa cards, like Visa SavingsEdge, which is essentially just a network of merchants that offer up to 15% discounts to Visa card holders.

Reports to credit bureaus: It’s not always a given that a business credit card reports to the business credit bureaus, like Dun and Bradstreet or Experian. The Spark Cash for Business card does indeed report to the business credit bureaus.

Is the Capital One Spark Cash for Business credit card right for your business?

The Spark Cash for Business Card is a solid, dependable, affordable card that can be used as the go-to credit cards for many businesses. You can find higher rewards rates in a spending category or two. But the simplicity and usability of this card make it a no-brainer. And the 2% unlimited cash back across all spending categories is a strong perk.

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