What’s your business spirit animal?

what's your business spirit animal?

When it comes to learning about the ins and outs of our business’ credit history, we’ve seen a lot of different approaches.

Some people jump in with both feet, learn everything they can, and immediately get to work. Others, let’s just say, need a little more gentle coaching and nudging. We’ve also seen everything in between.

So, to best understand what kind of personality you are, we’ve designed a little personality test. We’ll ask you a few questions about your approach to business and our nifty-handy-dandy computer algorithm will spit out an animal — your spirit animal — that best captures your approach to business.

  • In college, what did you study?

    • It’s hazy — I don’t remember
    • Business
    • Whatever I felt like
  • What’s likely the first thing you do when you come into the office?

    • Whatever comes my way
    • Continue yesterday’s work
    • Assess my goals and prioritize activities
  • What happens when you/your business struggle(s)?

    • Forget about it and just push through
    • Just double down on what I’m good at
    • Address the problem head on, formulate a plan and execute on it
  • How much do you know about your business’ credit history?

    • A lot
    • I know enough
    • Frankly, not much
  • Who’s the biggest player in business credit scoring?

    • Equifax
    • Dun and Bradstreet (D&B)
    • No idea
  • What’s a bank likely to look at when you apply for a business loan?

    • The local paper
    • My business credit score
    • My business plan

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